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Frequently asked questions

What do we offer?

Video library with a focus on engagement:

  • Short-form
  • Simple language
  • Use of b-roll and actors
Production services:
  • Low-cost w/ integration into the video library
  • Customizable, we can go big or small to your needs
Data-driven insight:
  • Profile management system for users on our new website
  • Tracks views, page clicks, interests, etc.
  • Integrates assessments from courses into an overall user profile

How can your product help my clients?

Workforce agencies need supplemental materials

  • Choose from our library to build a package
  • Order additional videos specific to your organization.
  • Obtain data on your clients to ensure they are completing assigned tasks and performing well on assessments (starting 2020 Q3).
We use simple language and short-form to keep engagement up.
  • Research shows 3-5 minutes MAX
  • Social media uses much shorter (20-30 sec).
  • Courses can integrate video w/ slides and quizzes.
  • Mix and match our videos and your information.

What’s the price of your product?

Pricing may vary towards your needs. Our video library depends on the number of videos requested.

  • The full library is $15 per user.
  • Agencies get a discount, depending on size of user base and if they need full library or just partial (e.g. specific industries)
Production varies by options. Can be $500-5000 per video.
  • Market prices tend towards $500 per minute, but we offer a quote based off # of actors, equipment, extra materials, etc.
  • Contact us if you have anything specific in mind,
  • We can give discounts if we can use your video in the library.
  • Data is offered as part of the library. Expect the price per user to go up for agencies when we start tracking data (unless grandfathered in)

What kind of videos are included in the video library?

We have videos for…

  • Career development-- Interview, resume, etc.
  • Skill training-- specialized in soft skills, will be building our hard skill video count throughout 2021 and through production service.
  • Workplace environment-- specifically tailored to those new to the workforce or foreign.
The format is 30 seconds or full-length at ~5-10 minutes.
  • B-roll based w/well-researched information
  • Actor-based to enact skits for demonstrations
  • Some come with quizzes
  • Videos can be in a course form, and with quizzes/text slides.

AllSumJobs provides 1000+ tutorial videos that show users how to make their jobs awesome. The content-rich videos are great self-learning resources for students, job seekers, and career changers at all levels of their career. Users can learn examples on how to answer interview questions specific to their domain, listen to career advice and professional tips from industry experts, and learn best practices within the workplace through workplace conversation example videos.

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